A warning: Be wary of cryptocurrency exchange scams. The scammers can fool you into sending money without checking their credentials. Many of them will pose as the CEO of a major cryptocurrency project, so you need to be especially careful when they request personal information or ask you to send your government documents. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, just ignore these pages. But before you get scammed, make sure you know what to look for.

Some of the most common scams are fake cryptocurrency exchanges. These sites will send you emails claiming that they’re offering you the opportunity to get free cryptocurrencies. When they don’t respond to your emails, they’re scams. Most of them will also have an active recruiting program where they’ll try to lure new investors into investing in their exchange. The scammers have no incentive to refund your money, and they have no reason to.

Some scams may have cleverly crafted their registration processes to catch you off guard. They’ll ask you for upfront payments, but don’t make the process transparent. They’ll also ask you to provide more documents than you need. This is a sign of a scam, and you should immediately move on. If they want to sell your data on the dark web, don’t waste your time with these sites.